PCV loves Fernando Volken Togni’s city illus­tra­tions for Oryx Magazine (Qatar Airways)!!

PCV is kind of crushing on Brazilian graphic artist Fernando Volken Togni and his illus­tra­tions for Oryx Magazine (Qatar Airways) are cute too!! Volken Tongi who lives in Porto Alegre, loves working with vector software & bright colors to create his bold graphic images. In his own words, “Brazilian culture inspires me a lot because here things are very joyful, colors everywhere, a great diversity of cultures and influences from all over the globe. Brazilian nature and urban elements also are very important to my work.” As for his advice to aspiring young designers out there, “I think it is nice to find out something that is yours. An inner feeling that makes you love what you illustrate. I think illustrating requires passion. You can start with a moleskine, a simple piece of paper, a white canvas, vector software or an advanced tool like Photoshop, or your own new technique. Create and spread it. The only thing important is having a message or feelings to pass. The world needs art, colors and freedom of expression to make people to get closer.”  We are dying to get our talons on his NYC print! Or maybe we will just have to do as Volken Togni suggests and design our own NYC city poster, to make something of our own! Thanks for the inspiration, Fernando!!


Okay, is he cute or what?!?!

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