More collaborations we love: Kenzo X Vans= a match made in stylish skater heaven!

PCV is a major Vans fan—- we had their Old School style (below) in every.single.color way back in college (question, though: were they called “old school” back then?!?!) so upon seeing photos of their new collaboration with Paris-based high-fashion brand KENZO, we simply had to post! The KENZO brand is now headed by Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (both originally raised on the West Coast in Los Angeles) and hence has seen a strong injection of youth and creativity! The Duo told Vogue UK that they’ve both worn Vans for years and “liked the idea of infusing this bit of American style into the house of Kenzo.” The unisex shoes, prices around $130, will be sold in Opening Ceremony and Kenzo stores starting in May (through July), meshes the colorful “net” prints from Kenzo’s Spring 2012 with the Vans Era classic lace-up skate shoe! The outcome=adorAblé!

Pop Culture Vulture wore these shoes (above) in varying colors throughout our college years…. *sigh* it seems like only yesterday!

Also drool-worthy is the special sneaker selection that Vans created for stylist Robert Verdi, printed from his collection of vintage Hermés scarves!!!! Ummm, we DIE over these!!!!!

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